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  • Do you sell beef shares?
    Yes! Contact us at for details
  • How do I tell everyone how awesome you are?
    Tag us on Instagram when you’re cooking! We love to see the finished product!
  • Why do you give cattle grain?
    Finishing with grain provides superior marbling, tenderness, and taste. Our cattle always have access to roam and eat grass, even when they are being finished on grain.
  • What do I do if I order something and it doesn’t meet my expectations?
    Contact us at so we can address any concerns.
  • Do you sell Kobe beef?
    Kobe beef is Wagyu beef raised and processed in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. American “Kobe style” beef is just a marketing gimmick and does not mean anything. Only ~3,000 head of cattle are sold annually that qualify as Kobe beef.
  • How do I get Clint’s Cattle Company’s beef?
    1. Visit any of our local restaurant partners. Currently Clint’s Cattle is being served daily at Blue Rock, Mama Jean’s BBQ and Lucky Restaurant. 2. Place your order on our website. We ship beef directly to your doorstep. Your beef will arrive frozen in 2 days. 3. Place your order on our website and select “Local Pickup/Delivery”. Local delivery is available throughout much of Virginia, including Roanoke, Lynchburg, Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg. Contact us at if you have questions about local pickup and delivery availability.
  • Is the beef sold by Clint’s Cattle Company like what I would find at Snake River Farms or other online beef sales?
    Pretty close I’d say, but just at a smaller scale. Most places online that advertise “American Wagyu beef” such as Snake River Farms are crossing Wagyu cattle with Continental breeds of cattle. Their cows also spend most of their lives grazing and eating grass before being finished on grain. This is exactly what we do at Clint’s Cattle Company. One main difference is that Snake River Farms is using Black Wagyu Cattle, whereas we use Akaushi Cattle at Clint’s Cattle Company.
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